Risto Lätti

on Study Leave


Risto Lätti (M.Econ) is a senior consultant at Demos Helsinki. Together with the Radical Strategy team, Risto works to define new roles and ways of value creation for large corporations through understanding long term societal change and rapid transformation of the business environment.

Risto is an expert in:

 Futures studies

– Strategy

– Strategic foresight

– Scenario planning

– New business development

– Market intelligence

Risto works especially with organizations’ strategy and new business development processes through understanding long term societal change and driving trends from business perspective. Risto’s main responsibility is leading projects with clients – from sales to planning the projects, research, facilitation, and analysis.

In addition to strategy work, Risto has done research on market transformations in some of the largest foresight and scenario projects at Demos Helsinki, for example on the societal effects of digitalisation and changing work.

Besides Demos Helsinki, Risto teaches at Aalto University and Helsinki Summer University on a Finland Futures Academy study programme on foresight research methodologies and how to apply them to various fields of science, public sector and private organisations. Before joining Demos Helsinki, Risto worked in the banking sector as well as an entrepreneur.