Niina Meriläinen

Senior Researcher

+358 40 8440603

Niina Meriläinen (PhD) is a senior researcher in Demos Helsinki’s research team who specialises in multidisciplinary power relations and human rights research. Her responsibilities are to plan, develop, and to carry out research from a multidisciplinary perspective. Moreover, she additionally brings aspects of research to Demos Helsinki’s consultative operations.

Niina’s core expertise is critical, multidisciplinary, theoretical, and empirical research that stems from the fields of humanities and political sciences. She incorporates these elements into human rights and power relations research. In her research, she specialises in narratives and framing in power relations. In previous years, Niina has worked with researchers from various adamic fields as well as various co-researchers such as vocational school students.  

Her research has focused on:

  • Narratives in human trafficking
  • Social and political participation of vocational school students
  • User-based design of digital interactive technologies
  • Power relations in political decision-making

Niina defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Jyväskylä in 2014. Her multidisciplinary article-based dissertation focused on power relations in human rights debates and decision-making as well as how selective framing is used as a tool in decision-making. Niina has worked as a researcher in various research projects as well as a teacher at universities both in Finland and Germany.

In her free time, Niina’s hobbies are reading, exercising, and hiking in nature. Niina also does experimental underground poetry under her artistic name Hiljanharma.