Juliane Fuchs

Junior Consultant


Juliane Fuchs works as an intern within the Governance Innovation – team. She studied Product Design at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe and Creative Sustainability at Aalto University, where she participated in the project “Design for Government”. Her Diploma project was focused on the enhancement of administrative literacy of teenagers.

Juliane’s interests include:

  • Citizen-centric policies and public services
  • The role of participation and co-creation in the improvement of governmental structures
  • Connecting multidisciplinary approaches to improve governance on different levels 
  • The relationship between politics and policies

Prior to Demos Helsinki, Juliane has worked as Public Service Designer and Project Coordinator for the City of Freiburg (Germany), where she was i.a. involved in the implementation of the Online Access Act. She also has experience in research and consulting, mainly through her work for The Strategy Architects, Karlsruhe. 

Besides her work and studies, Juliane is struggling with learning the Finnish language and practices weightlifting and other sports.