Demos Helsinki always has two clients – the one who orders the project and the society which benefits from it as well. Everything we do, we do for a democratic and sustainable society that uses resources in a smart way. What we offer can be divided into four categories – future, strategy, community and experiments – in addition we do research.

Organisations in the Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic response has alerted all organisations to reimagine their way of working. It is crucial not to bounce back, but to take a leap forward.

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Understand the World and the Future

Organisations and their leaders often see their future as chaotic and inevitable. We help them grasp the abstract future by dividing it into small, tangible steps.

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Formulate Strategy and Vision

We lay out the alternative future scenarios and give you tools to choose the desirable one. Then we will help you achieve it.

Build Communities and Partnerships

We take advantage out of your stakeholders’ knowledge and capabilities to turn your organisation’s vision and strategy into action. We call this co-creation.

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Experiment new Operating Models, Services and Business Models

We offer systematic tools to turn uncertainties into probabilities. Experiments provide crucial data and can prove what works.

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