Mikko Annala

Senior Expert


+358 40 778 6062

Mikko is Senior Expert at Demos Helsinki. Annala has worked in a leading role in projects that have resulted in tangible operational models, funding structures, and experiments within Finnish governance system. Practice-oriented stakeholder work, in-depth understanding of experimental settings, as well as integrating these two to government’s practices are Annala’s core competencies. Annala was one of the leaders in Design for Government project, which created an operational model which Finnish ministries now use for conducting experiments and connecting them to their strategic goals. After that Annala has worked with several governments overseas, including Latvia, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Some examples of Annala’s recent work:

  • Key role in designing experimentation model for the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office. See OECD’s review (2017) here (79-92).
  • Leader in a project which aims for creating an experimentation framework for the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates
  • Leader in a project (commissioned by the Finnish PMO), which proposed the PMO to establish a digital platform for encouraging citizen-led experimentation. The case was reviewed by the OECD and presented at the World Government Summit in 2017. Beta version of the platform is online: https://www.kokeilunpaikka.fi/en/

Annala’s background is in behaviour science. He has been conducting experimental social psychology in laboratory settings, as well as running behavioural interventions in real-life settings.


+358 40 7786062

Twitter: @mikkoannala
Linkedin: mikkoannala