Mikael Sokero

Senior Expert


+358 40 164 6453

Mikael Sokero (M.Soc.Sci) is a senior expert in Science in Society team and a member of the Board of Demos Helsinki specialized in strategic development and advise, policy and governance development and advise, strategic experimentation and leading interaction and communication in two research projects funded by the strategic research council of the Academy of Finland.

Mikael’s core competencies are:

– Design and execution of challenge prize competitions and design of creative processes

– Societal impact of research and science

– Strategic development of universities

– Governance innovation and research policy

– Sustainable Development Goals

Mikael has been in all challenge prize competitions and challenge based development processes at Demos Helsinki. One of them is Helsinki Challenge, a science based idea competition and an accelerator program where teams consisting of top scientists develop solutions to global problems.

“It was pure magic to work with top scientists! It was remarkable to see how an rather raw idea based on their research developed in to something very concrete and tangible. One example was the empathy enhancing sleeve by team Nemo, the winner of Helsinki Challenge 2015.”

Before coming to Demos Helsinki, Mikael was working as an entrepreneur in a consultant agency he co-founded in 2012. Demos Helsinki acquired the business on the fall of 2015.