Johannes Koponen

New Ideas, Think Tank

+358 41 540 3608

At Demos Helsinki, Johannes is responsible for keeping Demos Helsinki five years ahead in their thinking. Previously at Demos Helsinki he has lead foresight projects on various topics such as future of work, future of health and future of hyperconnected technologies. He has been developing Demos Helsinki’s collaborative futures research approach and he also led the Democracy and Capabilities team in the Think tank for several years.

Outside Demos Helsinki Johannes has helped the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office as a member of the Steering group for Foresight. He has also lectured courses on Futures research and Platform economy at Aalto University.

Furthermore, he has a practical background in healthcare and media businesses from two startup companies he founded before joining Demos Helsinki in 2014.

Johannes Koponen at LinkedIn.

Phone +358415403608
Twitter: @johanneskoponen