About us

Demos Helsinki is an independent think tank. We work to solve societal problems and challenges. We aim towards a democratic and sustainable society in which everyone can shape the future in personally meaningful ways.

Demos Helsinki’s work

Demos Helsinki always has two customers – the one who orders the project and the society which also benefits from each project. The purpose of our work is to create a persistent societal change, towards which we work with diverse partners. They vary from ministries and cities, researchers and universities, corporations, associations and foundations, to popular movements and activists.

There are three tools of change that form the fundamental basis for our work: co-creation, foresight and experimentation. Bringing organizations and groups of people together to develop things creates a deep-rooted change that people want to pursue. Foresight helps organizations to not only prepare for different scenarios but also to find the key to develop one’s desired future. Experimentation gives organizations an efficient way to start the change and learn from it together – simply put, it helps them understand what works. You can read more about our methods here.

Over the past ten years Demos Helsinki has grown to be an internationally noted think tank. Demos Helsinki employs 35 specialists of different fields. There are e.g. social scientists and psychologists, economists, engineers, philosophers, designers, and city planners among us. There’s one thing we all have in common – the motivation towards a societal change. Read more about our team here.

Two organizations – one ambition

At Demos Helsinki we believe it is important to bring insight based on research to societal discussion, and to help companies to renew themselves.

This is why Demos Helsinki consists of two organizations. The think tank Demos Helsinki does research and development with the public sector, associations and other common-good organizations. Demos Helsinki doesn’t have an external funder but funding is always based on projects done with partners. You can read more about our projects here.

Demos Effect is a subsidiary to Demos Helsinki. Demos Effect offers consultancy services to companies. The aim is to help companies tackle the changes and challenges of the uncertain future. Demos Effect was founded as we believe companies hold the key to building a better society. Find more about Demos Effect on their website.

Working for a more democratic and sustainable society,

Demos Helsinki