About us

Demos Helsinki is an independent think tank, working together with the public sector, private sector, and NGOs. We want to impact the ongoing global transformations actively and aim to build sustainable and fair post-industrial societies. We are specialised in consultancy services, entirely new ways of cooperation with organisations and people, and thinking the most wicked societal challenges of our time. Our vision is to be a platform for building sustainable and fair post-industrial societies where the world’s brightest and most affirmative changemakers can unite. We know the world changes only when people and organisations come together.

Demos Helsinki’s work

Demos Helsinki always has two customers – the partner whom we work with, and the society which benefits from each project. The purpose of our work is to create a persistent societal change, towards which we work with many changemakers and partners. They vary from ministries and cities, researchers and universities, corporations, associations and foundations, to popular movements and activists.

There are four tools of change that form the fundamental basis for our work: foresight, strategy work, co-creation and experimentation. Foresight helps organisations to not only prepare for different scenarios but also to find the key to develop one’s desired future. When organisations and groups of people are brought together to build, it creates a deep-rooted change that people want to pursue. Experimentation gives organisations an effective way to start the change and learn from it together. You can read more about our methods here.

Over the past ten years, Demos Helsinki has grown to be an internationally noted think tank. Demos Helsinki employs 45 specialists of different fields. There are, e.g. social scientists and psychologists, economists, engineers, philosophers, designers, and city planners among us. There’s one thing we all have in common – the motivation towards a societal change. Read more about our team here.

The not-for-profit association Demos ry is responsible for our Next Era -think tank work and agenda-setting. The practical work of driving the change we do in Demos Helsinki oy and Demos Research Institute oy, both owned by Demos ry. Demos Helsinki oy specialises in consultancy and Demos Research Institute oy (not-for-profit) in academic research and its social interaction.

6 teams, 6 hypotheses on transformation

Demos Helsinki’s vision, to be a globally influential platform for co-creating sustainable and fair societies, drove us to rethink our organisational structure at the beginning of 2018. We divided ourselves into six independent teams, each with their hypotheses on how to best build the post-industrial society.

The Governance Innovation team is the international spear of Demos Helsinki, and it works with developing experimental and inclusive governmental organisations with partners all over the world. Another spear driving global impact is the Radical Strategy team, which has already challenged some of the world’s biggest companies to redefine their strategies to fit the future better. Science in Society works for strengthening the role of science and research in society to solve the world’s most significant problems. The Urban Transformations team works towards carbon neutral and democratic cities. The One Planet Economy team develops solutions that enable resource-smart lifestyles and societies. New Horizons team has three main themes:  Future of Work and Education, Health and Capabilities and Tech for Society. New Horizons team supports our society’s central institutions from public organisations to labour unions and companies to respond to the post-industrial transformation. At the same time, it is on the lookout for new areas where Demos Helsinki can use our expertise and launches new teams.

Besides all this, Demos Helsinki’s Next Era think tanking work gathers together the teams’ thinking into world-class publications and makes sure that Demos Helsinki remains in the forefront of understanding the big societal transformations of our time.

Meet our people here.