Meet Our Interns

What do our current and past interns have to say about their experience at Demos?


Study background: Product Design Engineering (Mexico) & Creative Sustainability, Aalto University

“Being an intern at Demos Helsinki has given me the opportunity to work with inspiring and insightful people eager to learn and do good. In a short period, I have been able to collaborate in international projects, developed to support governments in their journey to become well-equipped actors of the 21st century, through participation, experimentation, long-term thinking, and mindset shifting.”


Study background: Social and Public Policy, University of Helsinki & Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering, Aalto University

“Partly a consulting business, partly a provoker of public debate, partly a societal change force, Demos is a one of a kind institution that doesn’t stop to surprise. This means that during your work day you might be doing intensive preparations for a workshop or a report, have a deep discussion of how AI will change the world, and randomly see some public figure popping up for a coffee. 

Never. Stop. Learning. Finding and maintaining this attitude is crucial in the complex modern world, and something that places like Demos makes easy. This is manifested in Demos employees who have incredible skills and knowledge base while still striving to learn more each day.”


Study background: Finance, Aalto University School of Business

“As an intern, I was happy to see my work as a valuable part of the whole team’s work. Interns have a high potential to affect how their internship turns out as long as they speak out their wishes.”


Study background: Social Psychology, University of Helsinki

“My team and colleagues have encouraged me to take challenges and responsibilities from new interesting fields. At Demos, I get to grow my expertise in a direction I didn’t even dare to desire before.”


Study background: Contemporary history, University of Turku

“The internship at Demos was unlike any other professional experience I’ve had. Demos has a unique culture, which combines a collaborative environment, caring colleagues and respect. Right from the beginning of the internship, I was trusted with work that really made a difference for the projects I was part of. I always felt that my views treated as equal to those of permanent employees, whether they were expressed at internal meetings or in the presence of clients.

Throughout the experience, my colleagues were genuinely interested in my well-being and personal development. Whenever I wanted to try out something new, it was always encouraged and supported.”


Study background: Social and Public Policy, University of Helsinki

“I appreciated that I was considered a valuable member of the team. I always got real responsibilities in projects, and my opinions and thoughts were valued the same as anyone else’s. Also, I got to say what kind of work supports my interests.”


Study background: Information and Service Management, Aalto University

At Demos, I have learnt to always look at the bigger picture and reflect critically on the depth and breadth of the impact of our work on both the organisations as well as the society.

Demos is one of a kind mix of inspiring experts from various backgrounds which makes it possible for you to learn something new each day. Everyone has got everyone’s back, and you get unique support to develop yourself in the direction you want, as well as opportunities to dive into new fields.”

The next application round for the internship program opens in spring 2019.