Try Out!


TryOut is a co-creational and experimentative platform aiming at strengthening emerging business models in cleantech, circular economy and smart city. We bring together newly established teams especially with a background in the University of Helsinki, the city of Helsinki, existing business, and urban inhabitants to experiment new business models, products and services. The goal is to enable experimentative business model development in real urban setting together with people. Moreover with this project a diverse set of solutions to existing problems, faced by the city of Helsinki and other cities globally, are produced and taken to the market by 2018. Teams will run their experiments from August 2017 onwards.

In Try Out! project a prototype of a novel innovation platform between the city of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki is developed. The TryOut platform is a strategic development tool for creating solutions to climate change experimentatively in Helsinki together with startups and established businesses.

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Meet the teams!

Mikael Sokero

Project lead