Tuuli Kaskinen

Tuuli Kaskinen, Researcher, Operations Director


Tuuli Kaskinen is an economist specialising in sustainable business strategies and inspirational routes to change. With over ten years’ experience tackling the most important issue of our time – climate change – with companies, NGOs and governments, she’s found systemic modelling and shared value thinking to be the key tools in the development of sustainable innovation.

Before Demos, Tuuli worked on environmental politics and cooperative networks at the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC). She has also worked and volunteered in numerous capacities at urban environmental group Dodo.

Tuuli joined Demos to run Ilmastotalkoot, an extensive climate campaign that brought together everyone from advertising agencies to NGOs. She is skilled in building models for sustainable lifestyles and business models.

Tuuli has led the Peloton project, worked as the curator for the Pavilion program during Helsinki’s Design Capital year and was commissioned by the Fiskars Corporation to create a sustainable development plan for the Fiskars Village. She is also an in-demand speaker, commentator and facilitator.

Tuuli serves a member of the board and advisor for Fortum Corporation, the University of Turku Finland Futures Research Centre, The Finnish Crafts Organization Taito and the Helsinki Neighbourhoods Association Helka. She has served as a member in the minister-level Energy Conservation Committee, ERA 17 -committee for an energy-smart built environment, and as a member of the working group that prepared the government’s report on the future.

Tuuli combined her love for cuisine and interest in climate change by writing, with three other authors, Kausiruokaa, a seasonal cookbook for lovers of good food and the climate.