Satu Korhonen

Satu Korhonen, Researcher, Product Development Manager


Satu researches organisations, specialising in health and social care practices, user-oriented development and best practices research. Satu is inspired by the ability of communities to develop their internal functions to produce well-being, and considers the co-development of products and services to be an important tool for public-sector reform.

She is a certified product developer and studied women’s entrepreneurship at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Satu worked for the National Institute for Health and Welfare, and was involved in building an open innovation environment called Innokylä for the social and health sector. More than one hundred developers took part in a training program she helped create as part of the environment and these developers now form a strong social and healthcare customer-oriented reform expertise network. Her stint as social worker for the City of Helsinki gave her a grounding in practical experience.

The focus of Satu’s long-term interests lie in individuals’ functional abilities and the provision of services to support these capabilities. At Demos Helsinki Satu works on community development, as well as the Kipinöitä and SHAPE projects.