Gatekeepers of Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability raising from the drivers of climate change, resource and energy scarcity is often seen as a source new kind of growth and therefore innovation. However, there seems to be a lack of cases of new business creation especially in services. We present here the gatekeeper model based on the idea that some professions have special potential in bringing about behaviour change that accelerates the shift towards sustainable business practices. Gatekeeper model has been tried out in a series of innovation workshops that bring together professionals from often neglected service sectors. We have focused especially on business related to consumer based greenhouse gas emissions, such as homes, transportation and food. This paper sheds light in the professions own estimates on how much they can impact consumers’ lifestyles. Our hypothesis is that by naming and entitling gatekeepers one unfolds new  resources for innovation.

This paper was presented at The XXIV ISPIM Conference – Innovating in Global Markets: Challenges for Sustainable Growth in Helsinki, Finland on 16-19 June 2013.

Authors: Mokka, Roope; Neuvonen, Aleksi; Korhonen, Satu; Pasanen, Sanna.


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