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Understanding future is useless if you cannot utilise it today. Demos Helsinki combines foresight with co-creation. We bring people, teams and organisations together to work out how to take on the future, how to utilise new drivers, grow with megatrends and make use of scenarios.

Our partners – companies, cities, governments and other communities – contact us when old solutions and models prove insufficient and when new ideas and concepts or strategic change are needed. The distinctive quality of our work is achieved by combining systemic, future-oriented research with creative methods for design thinking, prototyping and business modelling. Read more in the excellent Wikipedia article on us.

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Peloton – Sustainable Business Innovations

The most disruptive megatrend of our age remains underutilised and misunderstood. Material scarcity and energy price volatility lead into unforeseen market transformations in the value chains tied to property and construction, transportation, mobility and tourism as well as to food. Instead of sustainability, we are looking at disruption. Based on five years of research and development with market leaders in the ”gatekeeper” sectors, Demos Helsinki has created business development tools for companies to utilise this megatrend. Find out more about the Peloton Sustainable Business Innovations on the website.

Kuvankaappaus 2014-2-14 kello 10.50.51The core idea of Peloton strategy is that the wicked problems (climate change, peak oil and energy security) are here to stay worldwide. Therefore a company creating products and services aiming to solve these challenges has a nearly unlimited demand in the global market place.”
Eric Lowitt – Collaboration Economy 






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