Resource-smart economy

The deterioration of natural resources challenges companies and organizations to address and adapt to these new trends. At Demos Helsinki, we help companies and other institutions not only to internalize/understand these trends and their societal implications but also develop tools to initiate necessary changes.

Global population growth is increasing and the standard of living in developing countries is quickly rising. As the demand for energy, food and other natural resources grows, so does the difficulty of meeting that demand with sufficient supply.  Living, food and transportation costs are rising worldwide..

The best way to prepare for these unprecedented changes is to find ways to develop a more sustainable and resourceful lifestyle. Together with our partners – companies, cities, governments and other communities – we help develop services, products and living areas that make sustainable living attainable and desirable.

In Peloton Program Demos Helsinki identified gatekeepers of responsible living and helped dozens of companies to improve their business strategies.  Gatekeepers define the relationship between companies, consumers and societies in a whole new way, thereby creating shared value and incentive.

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