Democracy and capabilities

Demos Helsinki aims to involve new kinds of communities in creating new kinds of courses of action and societies.

Over the past century the welfare state model has found success in many Western societies, including Finland. Citizens’ capability to improve personal and collective well-being is better than ever.

However, the concept of welfare is changing. While protection and promotion of economic and social well-being remain important across welfare states, freedom of self-expression and experiences of belonging to various groups have become integral to well-being.

A user-centered approach, co-creation, democracy and open (access to) information are some of the new methods used in today’s service production processes.

At Demos Helsinki we seek/aim to create and provide a co-operative platform that connects participants and actors so that they can pursue common interests together. The concept of co-creation has been one of our leading themes, as outlined in earlier publications including Well-being of the Metropolis and Ilmastotalkoot – Climate Campaign 2008-2010.

Influence and change can happen in various places: from working environments to public spaces and retirement homes. We have worked with various associations, communities and other public organizations to help our partners identify internal resources by using various co-creation methods and articulate their findings.

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