NextEra London: A New Vision For Democracy

When voter turnout fell in the 1990s people began to worry about the state of democracy. Policy makers wrung their hands, tinkered, launched enquiries and experimented with participatory budgets. But voters continued to desert political parties and cynicism grew. But then new politicians arrived, from outside the establishment, with a more compelling idea of what it means to take back control. Can we recover a vision for democracy in which people’s participation is valued? What would be in it? A particitopia of citizen assemblies, budgets and juries? An artificially intelligent […]

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Future Needs Your Body

Good morning on-demand world! You are better than my dreams, carefully curated into bite-sized chunks. You show me things I never knew I wanted (but still love), because you predict my preferences with the precision of artificial intelligence and with the strength of the swarm. But heck! Whilst progress became so smooth, it seems democracy died. The history of our time is brief. Social media, as they are today, were born in 2004. In 2007, they took Europe by storm, and two years later they started making money. The political structure […]

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Government Palace

This is why Finland is able to implement the basic income experiment

BBC, Forbes, Independent, Mashable, Telegraph, Time and Quartz among other media outlets have have written about Finland’s experiment with basic income on a national level. However, none of the articles uncover the reason why Finland can pull off such ambitious policies in an age where so many government are left powerless with even smallest of changes in the way society works. The bigger change is buried under the stream of international news regarding the world’s largest basic income trial. With a closer look, one can see that basic income is […]

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