5 Views on What Basic Income Should Be and Why It Matters

It seems that basic income is on the lips of everyone today. From Finland to the Netherlands, Switzerland to Canada, governments and cities have embraced the idea as one worth testing. Although talk of basic income has been around for some time, it seems that now there is a real push, an unwavering drive and motivation to see how the idea could work in practice. Beyond the hype, however, lie some crucial questions that need to be addressed. With support from all sides of the political spectrum and interest from […]

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Inside Finland’s Basic Income Hackathon

Finland has plans for a basic income scheme that would dispense with the complexities of the social security system. A group led by Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, and consisting of representatives of various research institutes, is developing a model for a basic income trial in 2017. To get a genuinely wide perspective to basic we organised a “basic income hackathon”. The Basic Income Hack was organized by Demos Helsinki, Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund and Open Knowledge Finland on 4th and 5th of March 2016 to gather and promote […]

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Government Palace

This is why Finland is able to implement the basic income experiment

BBC, Forbes, Independent, Mashable, Telegraph, Time and Quartz among other media outlets have have written about Finland’s experiment with basic income on a national level. However, none of the articles uncover the reason why Finland can pull off such ambitious policies in an age where so many government are left powerless with even smallest of changes in the way society works. The bigger change is buried under the stream of international news regarding the world’s largest basic income trial. With a closer look, one can see that basic income is […]

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