Avain2030 – Sustainable Development Key Issues and Action Plan 2030

The UN’s new sustainable development programme, Agenda 2030, was launched at the beginning of 2016. At the heart of the programme are 17 universally accepted goals along with 169 sub-goals. The aim of the goals is to eradicate extreme poverty and to foster sustainable development both economically and in terms of well-being and the environment.

The Sustainable Development Key Issues and Action Plan 2030 (Avain2030) project aims to provide an overarching assessment of the starting level, challenges and opportunities for Finland in the implementation of Agenda 2030. The project will also conduct an international review to address the central issues and development needs related to the Agenda2030 indicators.

The results of the project will be visualised and will be communicated through infographics. The purpose of this is to present goals and implementation of Agenda 2030 in a fresh and exciting way.

A set of policy implications will also be produced, with particular attention to the themes, goals and actions that Finland ought to pay special attention to. To assess these key questions, the study will focus on Finnish performance in international comparisons, and also look at recent developments in comparison to other countries. The reasons for both positive and negative developments will be studied and explained, along with a suggestions on how Finland’s successes might be sustained and replicated elsewhere.

Avain2030 has been commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office and is conducted jointly with The Finnish Environment Insitute and Demos Heslinki.

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