Demos Helsinki People

Demos Helsinki has eight partners and an extensive associate network. We are a non-profit organisation. 



Tuuli Kaskinen, Researcher, Operations Director

Tuuli Kaskinen is an economist, whose areas of specialty are sustainable business strategies and the construction of inspirational routes to change. Tuuli has more than ten years of experience tackling the most wicked problem of our time – climate change – through cooperation with various companies, NGOs and governments. Read more about Tuuli.



Satu Korhonen, Researcher, Head of Product Development

Satu is a researcher of organizations, who specialises in user-oriented development, good practice research and health and social care practices. The focus of Satu’s long term interest is the functional abilities of individuals, and the provision of services to support these capabilities. Read more about Satu.



Outi Kuittinen, Researcher, Head of Co-creation

Outi Kuittinen is a political scientist, whose expertise areas are co-creation, social innovation and sustainable business. Prior to Demos Helsinki, Outi worked in London at Demos UK and at the Finnish Institute of London. Read more about Outi.




Juha Leppänen, Researcher, Democracy Lead

Juha Leppänen is a researcher, who specialises in the conceptual analysis and understanding of mega trends. His work is particularly centered around democracy of the 21st century, global change, new forms of social innovation, and the media. Read more about Juha.




Roope Mokka, Researcher, Head of Partnerships

Roope Mokka is an expert on societal change and innovation. He specializes in helping organizations overcome difficult challenges. Roope has 15 years of international experience as a strategic level advisor on future technologies, markets and societies. Read more about Roope.



Satu L

Satu Lähteenoja, Researcher, Head of Research Co-operation

Satu Lähteenoja is a geographer and a professional of sustainable lifestyles. Satu’s specialty is the calculation and analysis of natural resource consumption related to sustainable lifestyle choices. Read more about Satu.



AleksiAleksi Neuvonen, Researcher, Head of Foresight

Aleksi Neuvonen is a futures researcher and an expert on urban development and lifestyle changes. By education, he is a philosopher. Aleksi has a career of nearly fifteen years in multi-disciplinary social research. Read more about Aleksi.



 MariaMaria Ritola, Researcher, Sustainable Economy Lead

Maria Ritola is an economist focused on sustainable economy, who is particularly skilled at comprehending large scale changes and linking them to level of organisations and individuals. Maria’s core skill is in creating sustainable value through cooperation with businesses, communities and individuals. Read more about Maria.


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