Aleksi Neuvonen, Founder

Aleksi Neuvonen is a futures researcher and an expert on urban development and lifestyle changes, with a fifteen-year career in multi-disciplinary social research.

Aleksi’s work with VTT technology research group and the ... Read more

Anton Palmu, Director, Business Services

Anton Palmu on erikoistunut yritysten liiketoimintamalleihin ja strategioihin sekä sosiaali- ja terveyssektorin kysymyksiin. Antonin intohimona on saattaa yritysten tuotteet ja toiminta vastaamaan mahdollisimman tarkasti ihmisten nykyisiä ja tulevaisuuden tarpeita. Anton on yhteiskuntatieteiden mais... Read more

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Antti Lippo, Development Manager, Urban Services

Antti Lippo is developing Demos Helsinki’s urban services and works as an expert in innovation platforms and strategic experiments.

Antti’s core competences include

- Development of operating models and concepts
- Service design for built environment
- Innovations advancing sustainable cons... Read more

Christopher Rowley, Researcher, Project Manager

Christopher Rowley is a social scientist specialising in conflict and the social norms that govern violence. At Demos Helsinki, Christopher is working as a researcher in the Democracy and Capabilities team.

Previously, Christopher has worked as a research assistant and teacher of global politics... Read more

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Eric Wong, International Business Development, Demos Effect

Eric helps Demos Effect builds bridges between Finland and the United States.

After graduating from Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics and studying the Finnish language and culture, Eric came to Finland to study globalization through the Fulbright student program in 201... Read more

Henrik Suikkanen, Consultant

Henrik Suikkanen is a consultant at Demos Effect. Demos Effect is the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki, which helps companies find ways to turn long term issues into drivers for their business.

Henrik is an economist and specializes in business model creation for digital era, economi... Read more

Iina Koskinen, On Parental Leave, Specialist, Research Co-creation

Iina Koskinen (MA) develops co-creation methods and acts as a stakeholder engagement and interaction specialist in three strategic research projects, Winland, BEMINE and Urmi , funded by the Acad... Read more

Jaakko Kuosmanen, Senior Analyst

Jaakko is a Senior Analyst at Demos Helsinki specialising in Government Innovation. Jaakko provides innovation, experimentation, and foresight support for governments around the world, and he is a member of the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office Foresight Team.

Jaakko has a PhD in Political Science... Read more

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Johanna Lampinen, COO, Demos Helsinki & Demos Effect

Johanna Lampinen is COO at Demos Helsinki and Demos Effect. Demos Effect, the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki, helps companies find ways to turn long term issues into drivers for their business.

Johanna has more than ten years of professiona... Read more

Johannes Koponen, Director, Democracy and Capabilities

The core of Johannes Koponen’s expertise lies in strategic futures studies and development of business models through the scenario method and other futures studies methods. He is an award-winning innovator of change that transcends various disciplines and sectors of society.

Johannes is the co-fo... Read more

Johannes Mikkonen, Researcher

Johannes Mikkonen is a social scientist, who currently researches how sensors change the society. His expertise lies in the societal impact of research and communication.

Johannes’ core competences include:
- Societal impact of digitalisation
- Interaction and communication of academic resear... Read more

Johannes Nuutinen, Principal Consultant, Demos Effect

Johannes Nuutinen works as a Principal Consultant for Demos Effect. He is specialized in understanding societal changes, and his responsibility is to help major corporations to act within these changes. Johannes has several years of experience in working with corporate change, especially focusing on... Read more

Johannes Anttila, Researcher

Johannes is a social scientist, a thinker and a doer who believes that solving the world’s wicked problems requires bringing people together and thinking about the longterm. At Demos Helsinki, he is a part of the Democracy and Capabilities team, where his current work includes Demos Helsinki’s and t... Read more

Juha Leppänen, CEO, Demos Effect

Juha Leppänen is a researcher with expertise in conceptual analysis. Juha is skilled in understanding socially important trends in the context of sustainable lifestyles, global change, new forms of social solutions and the media.

Alongside working at Demos Helsinki, Juha is one of the co-founders... Read more

Julia Jousilahti, Researcher

Julia Jousilahti on tutkija Demos Helsingin Demokratia ja kyvykkyydet -tiimissä. Hänen erityisalaansa ovat yhteiskunnalliseen osallistumiseen ja demokratian tulevaisuuteen liittyvät kysymykset. Koulutukseltaan Julia on politiikan tutkija (VTM.)

Tutkimus, kehittäminen ja eritaustaisten ihmisten ka... Read more

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Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé, Senior Researcher

Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé is a researcher in Urban Studies. She works with the questions of resource smart economy and urban futures.

Kaisa’s core competences include:
- interdisciplinary urban studies
- societal interaction of research
- international cooperation in urban and regional development... Read more

Kati Vuks, Community manager at Peloton Club

Kati is specialized in the projects where startups are involved. Her main responsibility is to foster and grow the Peloton Club ecosystem and startup community and she's taking part of planning and organizing innovation camps, running acceleration programmes and communications.

- startup accelera... Read more

Katri Mäenpää, Development Manager

Katri Mäenpää (M.Soc.Sci) focuses on strengthening the project processes and the organisational culture of Demos Helsinki in order to create greater impact.

Katri’s core competences include:
- Strengthening the impact of the project work
- Enhancing the processes and knowledge management
- B... Read more

Lari Hokkanen, researcher

Lari Hokkanen works as a researcher in the Democracy and Capabilities team at Demos Helsinki. He is particularly focusing on designing experiments and promoting experimental culture within public sector.

Lari is a fifth year student of social and public policy in the University of Helsinki, and h... Read more

Leena Alanko, Researcher

Leena Alanko (M.Soc.Sci) is a sociologist working on the thematic field of Democracy and capabilities. Her special interest is to develop services together with end-users. She is currently involved in projects related to future of urban and affordable housing and education.
Leena has previously wor... Read more

Louna Laurila, Consultant, Demos Effect

Louna is a consultant at Demos Effect. Demos Effect is the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki, which helps companies find ways to turn long term issues into drivers for their business.

Louna's core competences include strategic sustainability, Stakeholder engagement through co-creation, ... Read more

Mikael Sokero, Researcher

Mikael Sokero is a social scientist interested in organizational legitimacy, governing of nature and Arctic boom. In Demos Helsinki Mikael works on the thematic field of resource smart economy and is specialized in scientific co-creation and interaction, prize challenge design, developing socially a... Read more

Mikko Annala, Researcher & Experiment Specialist

Mikko Annala is a social psychologist and social scientist who specialises in behavioural change and spatial planning. Mikko is involved in projects related to future mobility, future building and producing publications.
Mikko has previously worked as the associate editor of the Finnish Journal of ... Read more

Mirja Hämäläinen, Researcher

Mirja is a research and developer working in the Democracy and Capabilities -theme area in Demos Helsinki. She likes to learn about abstract things through concrete doing. Mirja enjoys working with people and helping them build the best possible world they can imagine. Mirja is doing this – big time... Read more

Noora Asikainen, researcher

Noora is a future-orinted social scientist, who wants to work with the future challenges.

Noora’s main interests are:
- (the possibilities of new technologies in) reducing welfare and capability differences
- changes in working life
- strategic foresight

At Demos Helsinki Noora is working o... Read more

Olli Bremer, Business Development and Sales

Olli is in charge of sales process and customer cooperations of Demos Effect. His main responsibilities include development of customer cooperation models and overall sales process besides acting as project lead and team member in ongoing customer projects.

Olli’s core competences are:
- Vision ... Read more

Oona Frilander, Consultant, Demos Effect

Oona is a consultant at Demos Effect. Demos Effect is the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki that helps companies find ways to turn long term issues into drivers for their business.

Oona has a business degree from Hanken School of Economics and has continued her studies in the multidisci... Read more

Ossi Korhonen, Service Designer

Ossi Korhonen is a Service Designer, whose expertise lies in combining long term thinking with creating resource smart service and product designs and concepts. In his work, Ossi gets to combine human centered design methods and design thinking with the best understanding of the many changes and cha... Read more

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Otto-Wille Koste, Researcher

Otto-Wille Koste has studied Build Environment in Aalto University. His studies combined different aspects of spatial planning ranging from urban design to transportation engineering and real estate economics.

Otto-Wille’s main areas of interest are:
- future of cities and their role in solving... Read more

Outi Kuittinen, Head of Co-Creation

Outi Kuittinen is a political scientist specialising in co-creation, democracy and sustainable business. Outi has been part of taking Demos Helsinki from an organisation of a few employees to a prominent international change maker. Outi came to Demos Helsinki from London where she worked at Demos U... Read more

Petra Sipari, Office Manager

Petra Sipari (BBA) has in her studies specialized in responsible business and HR. In Demos Helsinki Petra has been developing the processes in financial administration and HR.

Petra is a long-time member of the girl scouts and before Demos Helsinki has been working in restaurants. There she got t... Read more

Risto Lätti, Business Analyst, Demos Effect

Risto works as a Business Analyst at Demos Effect. Demos Effect, the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki, helps companies find ways to turn long term issues into drivers for their business. We believe that innovating by bringing people, institutions, stakeholders, users, and customers to wor... Read more

Roope Mokka, Founder

Roope Mokka is an expert on societal change and innovation. He specialises in helping organisations weather great changes in the world around them, and his work often involves cross-sector changes that influence the daily lives of individuals.

Roope has 15 years of experience working internationa... Read more

Satu Korhonen, on Parental Leave, Head of Democracy and Capabilities, Researcher

Satu Korhonen is a organization researcher specialising in health and social care practices, user-oriented development and best practices research. She works with important issues of our time, such as developing human-centric healthcare and social services, enhancing democratic participation and ret... Read more

Satu Lähteenoja, Head of Resource-wise economy

Satu Lähteenoja is a geographer and an expert on sustainable lifestyles. She specializes in the calculation and analysis of natural resource consumption related to sustainable lifestyle choices. Satu graduated with a degree in geography and urban planning from the University of Helsinki.

Sustaina... Read more

Tuuli Kaskinen, Executive director

Tuuli Kaskinen is the Executive Director of Demos Helsinki specialising in sustainable business strategies and inspirational routes to change. With over 15 years’ experience tackling the most important issue of our time – climate change – with companies, NGOs and governments, she’s found systemic mo... Read more