Demos Helsinki

Combining co-creation and foresight

Demos Helsinki generates ideas that breed change. They come to us looking for new ideas, new concepts, and strategic change when old solutions become outdated. What makes our work stand out is our broad-based expertise in futures studies and our use of first-class research.

The Nordic Thinktank

Understanding future is useless if you cannot utilise it today. Our vision of the future is an extension of the Nordic speciality. Nordics have been extremely successful societies with a model that combines foresight with co-creation. That is what we can offer for organisations globally, a long sight that thrives from the inclusion of human capabilities in the widest possible setting. In this Nordic spirit we bring people, teams and organisations together to work out how to take on the grand challenges of the future future.

Our partners – companies, cities, governments and other communities – contact us when old solutions and models prove insufficient and when new ideas and concepts or strategic change are needed. The distinctive quality of our work is achieved by combining systemic, future-oriented research with creative methods for design thinking, prototyping and business modelling.

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The easiest way to get a feel of the kind of work we do is to explore our projects and publications above. You may also want to take a look at our Wikipedia page.


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