Leena Alanko, Researcher

Leena Alanko (M.Soc.Sci) is a sociologist working on the thematic field of Democracy and capabilities. Her special interest is to develop services together with end-users. She is currently involved in projects related to future of urban and affordable housing and education.
Leena has previously worked as a project coordinator at Tekes- the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Leena is also interested to create ways to participate in public conversation by using different forms of art and has worked as a producer for the Finnish art duo ‘Nutty Tarts’ (Tärähtäneet ämmät).

Leena received her Master’s degree in sociology from the University of Helsinki Faculty of Social Sciences. In addition to sociology, she has studied communication, political science and spent one academic year in the Paris École normale supérieure studying social sciences and French.