Iina Koskinen, On Parental Leave, Specialist, Research Co-creation

Iina Koskinen (MA) develops co-creation methods and acts as a stakeholder engagement and interaction specialist in three strategic research projects, Winland, BEMINE and Urmi , funded by the Academy of Finland.

Iina’s core competences include
– research impact
– research co-creation
– strategic stakeholder engagement

Co-creation refers to a process where people solve problems and exploit opportunities together. In scientific research, co-creation means that researchers and stakeholders define together research themes, questions, processes and end-products.

“Grand challenges facing society and nature cannot be solved solely with scientific research. We need collaboration among scientists and actors from different sectors of society. This call for collaboration is an excellent opportunity for researchers to promote their expertise and insights on the most topical problems that society should address and allocate resources for.”

Iina has worked extensively as an science communicator and interaction expert in various organisations such as University of Helsinki, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and the biggest science festival in the Nordic countries, Tieteenpäivät.