Antti Lippo, Development Manager, Urban Services

Antti Lippo is developing Demos Helsinki’s urban services and works as an expert in innovation platforms and strategic experiments.

Antti’s core competences include

- Development of operating models and concepts
- Service design for built environment
- Innovations advancing sustainable consumption and production.

In Demos Helsinki’s projects Antti helps to develope cities towards innovation platforms, designs strategic experiments and advances sustainable lifestyles. Additionally, Antti is currently managing a project where smart technology advancing energy efficiency is piloted in residential building in interaction with the residents.

“The transition of cities towards a sustainable future requires cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary cooperation. Resident-oriented experiments provide a great opportunity to uncover efficient measures to accelerate the transition.”

Prior to Demos Helsinki Antti has worked in various development positions with cleantech in different sectors and as an entrepreneur. One of the developed concepts is the Finnish Sustainable Communities network (Fisu-network), which aims for carbon neutrality, zero waste and sustainable ecological footprint by 2050. Fisu municipalities are co-creating resource efficient and low carbon solutions benefiting also the local economy. Antti was responsible for conceptualizing the network and the local transition management model.

Antti spends his leisure time experiencing the world with his wife and daughter, doing sports and exploring the music old dusty vinyls provide.